USA Vape Lab Product Authentication

USA Vape Lab is dedicated to providing our world class manufacturing and quality in each and every product. Unfortunately, counterfeit products exist on the market that are neither authorized nor approved by USA Vape Lab. We have implemented several authentication elements within each of our products to provide an easy and convenient way for our distribution, retail, and customers to identify the authenticity of our products. Please note that the retailer, wholesaler, or distributor that you may have purchased from may have stock that does not include the following, and in the event of uncertainty, please follow the link provided below for further authentication measures assessed by our friendly staff here at USA Vape Lab. Please note that the color of the e-liquid may not be indicative of counterfeit products.

  1. As of 2018, USA Vape Lab products feature an embossed "USA VAPE LAB" glass bottom
  2. As of 2018, USA Vape Lab products are sealed with a clear USA Vape Lab Anti-Tamper Seal and Holographic "Valid" Strip
  3. As of 2018, USA Vape Lab products packed in glass feature "USA VAPE Lab" stamped onto the neck of the bottle
  4. As of 2018, USA Vape Lab products have a dropper cap embossed with "USA VAPE Lab" stamped on the side
  • Font, Text, and Overall Styling are very distinguishable and any and all changes to these designs will not be changed without notice through as well as through social media channels
USA Vape Lab Product Authentication